Australian Black Cockatoo wooden stud earrings.

Made in Australia from our original hand painted design, these earrings are printed with eco-friendly inks onto light weight, sustainably grown hoop pine and paired with stainless steel posts, perfect for sensitive ears!

There are five subspecies of black cockatoos in Australia. The most well-known is Zanda funereal, the yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo which is found in the south-eastern regions and Calyptorhynchus banksia, the red-tailed Black Cockatoo found in the drier western and northern regions. They are large, intelligent, curious birds known for their loud distinctive calls, screeching and slow flapping flight. They live in eucalyptus forests, woodlands and scrublands, feeding on seeds and insect larvae.

Black cockatoos are social birds that live in family groups or large flocks. They have long lives, breed when older than most birds and form life long monogamous pairs that create nests together in the hollows of old trees. The female incubates 1-2 eggs and is fed by the male during this time. They only feed one chick who stays with them for a year or longer as part of the family group. Their survival is currently threatened by bird smuggling, habitat loss and land clearing. Seen as a symbol of personal power, confidence, vitality, effective communication, surrender and allowing the mystery of life to unfold.

Care instructions: do not wear swimming or bathing.

P.S ~ All our packaging is plastic free!