Look & Find: Nature is the latest installment in Clever Publishing'sworldwide bestselling series. This offering is an engaging book featuring 12 full-page spreads filled with more than800 charmingly illustrated objects that are found in nature. Each spread asks toddlers and their families to look and find items scattered among the variety of outdoor scenes. This nature-themed book in Clever's Look & Find series provides hours of fun for young readers.

  • Filled with hundreds of animals, flowers, land formations, and much more, this entertaining book combines the classic Look & Find game with a counting element throughout.
  • Children will learn the names of various objects found in nature as they look for items hidden among them.
  • Hundreds of detailed, full-color illustrations means toddlers will find new things they love every time they open the book.
  • Look & Find: Nature is an entertaining, educational book that makes a perfect gift for any occasion!