Give yourself a fun and empowering confidence workout with this inspiring interactive journal Maybe you'd like to try out for a part in the school play, score a spot on a sports team, or make friends at a new school. This journal was created to give you a safe and encouraging place to explore your personality and your thoughts, goals, and dreams. Through tried and true advice, questions, activities, and writing prompts, you'll- - Explore moments you are proud of, great ideas you've had, and plans for your future - Celebrate your true superpowers - Practice starting a conversation with anyone - Try out tactics for being a more positive thinker - Explore when you're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new!

Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  144pp  h236mm  x  w186mm  x s11mm  407g 

ISBN13: 9781953424716