Cobber is a cassowary living in the Wet Tropics region of Northern Australia. Cobber's father had told him that cassowaries had a special purpose for being in the rainforest, but he forgot to tell him exactly WHAT it was. "All I do is eat and poo," Cobber thinks to himself. "I must find my real purpose for being in the rainforest." So Cobber sets out on an adventure to find his true purpose. Follow Cobber through the rainforest as he asks the many creatures that he meets along the way, but none are able to answer him. Cobber is enlightened by a wise owl who explains how VERY important Cobber's purpose is in the rainforest and that the answer had been right behind him all the time! Can you guess what the answer was?

ISBN: 9781925877588
Author: Slattery, Pam
Format: Paperback
Pages: 36