Are you stuck in a perpetual cycle of repeating the same patterns over and over? Do you know there's more to life than just following what you 'should' do? Do you feel foggy in your mind, uninspired by your life? Are you sick of being in survival mode?

Let go of your addiction to friction and drama with this practical personal development guide to freeing yourself from limiting beliefs. Learn how to respond to life rather than react, and move from surviving to thriving with podcaster, mentor and wellbeing expert Emma Maidment.

Your innate wisdom wants to guide you back into alignment so you can live heart-forward and in flow. Find Your Flow will help you connect to your essence, find magic in the mundane and form a deeper connection with those around you - because you deserve to live a life in the flow lane!

Hardback  192pp  h185mm  x  w145mm  442g  Misc 

ISBN13: 9781922992918