A family’s scarred bloodline embedded in the dying Queensland desert town of Clement is  shedding grim consequences.

From a solemn promise impossible to keep, its lineage is haunted by loss and grief. Though wracked by betrayal, abandonment and guilt, it brims with devotion and passion.

Young Tim Ambrose is reaching for manhood and faces a crippled future—until two strangers appear. One, out of a darkly held secret; the other, as if from a mirage. Together, they offer Tim a chance at a life’s dream—to ride in the world’s greatest bush race.

His destiny will bring him to face a tragic guilt, challenge a paralysing fear and enmesh him in a harrowing moment of history to open the way for the last promise to be fulfilled.

In a drought-afflicted story world, the author’s absorbing and sensitive prose bristles with vivid drama, humour and the can-do spirit of the bush.

Springing forth with a colourful ensemble of unique and extraordinary characters, The Last Promise propels the reader through a powerful and touching tale of resilience in a tiny town desperate for redemption.