Lift your gardening game and save money with the help of the Country Women's Association of Victoria's trusted resident green thumbs.

Thrifty Gardening shows you how to get the most from your edible or ornamental garden, season by season. From how to grow from seed, what to plant and sow when, which garden tasks to do when, it's all here. Armed with this compact reference, you'll be ready when the right moment comes to encourage healthy growth by pruning, mulching, weeding, seeding, feeding or cropping.

The advice comes with an always timely reminder to sit back and enjoy what you grow - whether veggies, herbs, fruits, flowers or trees - and some simple recipes for how to make the most in the kitchen of the bounty from your plot. There are garden project ideas, advice for getting the kids involved, plus hints and tips for how to outsmart pests and bugs that want to derail your efforts.

This book will change the way you think about your garden and it will magnify the joy you take from it, all year round.