This new edition of Sky Pilot is beautifully reformatted and republished, for a new reading audience. It is a comprehensive update of the 1st edition that was published in 1990 by the same author. Sky Pilots is timely. In an era when the importance of Chaplaincy is not fully understood in some quarters, the need for it is real and remains undiminished. These stories will showcase to the general reader that our Air Force Padres do so much more than conduct religious services.

The author, Peter Davidson, in this well researched work, has captured much of the breadth of the amazing work the Chaplains of the Royal Australian Air Force give in the line of duty. It is a history of the work of God who calls them to care for all people at a time in the history of the world where, now probably more than ever, we might listen for a fresh Voice of the One who has been with us always, who is with us now, and who will continue with us as we step forward into an uncertain future.