Age range 8 to 12

'Our history is full of stories about hairy people, furry people, yowies, bunyips and monster apes. But this is the story about the hairy holes. The bush judges who kept everything in balance. Until the new people came.'

Ever wonder about the shadows lurking in the bush at night?

Yawuru creator Brenton E. McKenna brings you a superb storytelling experience of the outback supernatural, in his new black-and-white graphic novel, Hairy Holes.

Begley and Redley Hole are two hairy hole people living ordinary lives in the bush - that is until their world is lifted up and tossed on its rear when a lost tourist named Joplin stumbles upon them with promises of friendship and help to search for their parents.

Featuring some of Australia's toughest animals, suspiciously hairy holes in the desert and a crash course on the wonderful world of the internet, this hilarious graphic novel will crack you up and take you on a 'kray-zay' ride - one the whole family will enjoy, hairy or otherwise.