As we face challenges globally on multiple fronts, it's refreshing to hear the positive voice of scientific futurist Dr Catherine Ball. In Converge she presents insights into how technology and science are providing answers to many of the challenges the world is facing today - food shortages, war and conflict, the decline in local manufacturing, health and ageing, and global warming - and asks why we are not embracing these technologies more widely.

The answer in many cases is, 'Because we don't know about them!' Well, now we do. Dr Catherine opens our eyes to the amazing, wide world of technological advancements and explores the role we all have in learning more, owning the conversations, and determining what we want technology to be.

What is the role AI can play in the resurgence of local manufacturing and creating new jobs? Can we vaccinate against cancer? How can drones save lives and assist Mother Nature in her fight to stop humans destroying our beloved planet? And how can we utilise the best modern technologies to live longer, healthier and happier lives?

Written with wit, tenacity, and deeply personal experiences, Converge offers an optimistic, in-depth and fascinating investigation into the possibilities of a world where humans fully embrace technology.

Some futurists review research and report on what it tells us about the future. Other futurists look to the future and dream. Dr Catherine Ball looks to the future and rolls up her sleeves to find out where science and technology will be useful - and to ensure we leave a legacy of hope for future generations.