The brilliant new short story collection from the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author of The Animals in That Country. A family of cat farmers gets the chance to set the felines free. A group of chickens tells it like it is. A female-crewed ship ploughs through the patriarchy. A support group finds solace in a world without men. With her trademark humour, energy, and flair, McKay offers glimpses of places where dreams subsume reality, where childhood restarts, where humans embrace their animal selves and animals talk like humans. The stories in Gunflower explode and bloom in mesmerising ways, showing the world both as it is and as it could be. 'Startling, beautiful, and dangerous. McKay is the brightest of talents. We're lucky to have her.' -Robbie Arnott, author of Limberlost 'Amidst a pile of shed skin and fur, McKay moulds a kaleidoscopic and horrifyingly real portrait of life at the fringes. By turns gritty, surreal, and absurd, Gunflower isn't afraid to weigh flesh on the scales of our own judgments, a delicate balancing act between life and death, connection and disconnection. Perhaps part Kelly Link and Ottessa Moshfegh, McKay delivers an assured follow-up to The Animals in That Country in her own singular voice that zeroes in on our anxieties and existential crises with deft and often poetic flair.' -Sequoia Nagamatsu, bestselling author of How High We Go in the Dark 'Gunflower is like a swarm of small earthquakes- nothing is steady anymore, and the world feels bigger, scarier, almost transcendent in its strangeness.' -Miles Allinson, author of In Moonland

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  256pp  h207mm  x  w136mm  x s19mm  274g 

ISBN13: 9781922585943