Take Better Photos is the "commonsense cookbook" of photography, covering all the basics of how to take a good photo and providing expert advice to inspire and improve your photos. This compact guide starts with the fundamentals of how to hold and operate your camera, adjust basic settings, frame the shot, focus, and trigger the exposure. Take Better Photos shows how to: * Select the right shooting modes to balance aperture and shutter speed settings that ensure a correct exposure. * Use your camera's white balance and ISO settings to control colour and noise, ensuring your photos are sharp and colour-balanced even in low light. * Shoot moving subjects and 'freeze' the motion, record it as a blur, or capture the subject sharply against a blurred background. * Master the art of composition - select the balance of elements in a picture and learn the importance of framing. * Capture close-up images - a colourful flower, the face of a loved person or pet, a beautiful butterfly, an interesting pattern created by leaves on the grass, tiles on a wall or light falling on water. Take Better Photos also covers the useful tools and accessories that can improve your creativity and make it easier to shoot photos and movies - lens hoods, tripods, grips, gimbals, polarisers, neutral density filters, flash, protective covers and housings. Take Better Photos shows you the tools, tips and tricks to capture stunning, eye-catching images.

Paperback / softback  80pp 

ISBN13: 9781922156563