Exotics or natives, fruit trees or palm trees, vegetables or hardy annuals, the Gardening Guru of the Tropics will tell you how to grow it and how to protect it from predatory insects and fungal diseases. Every question you've ever wanted to ask about soils, compost, fertiliser, organic feed, humus, mulching, spraying and pruning, it's in this book. This is not a coffee-table book! So roll up your sleeves, get advice from the book, mix your sprays, barrel out your fertiliser and get your garden blooming.

Review: Tom Wyatt is deservedly a household name around much of Queensland. He has been giving practical advice on gardening to millions of Queenslanders on ABC Radio for almost two decades and he has been instrumental in creating or developing city botanical gardens in Rockhampton. Emerald and elsewhere in Central Queensland. Tom's a walking encyclopedia of gardening knowledge particularly when it comes to tropical and sub-tropical plants. So roll up your sleeves and learn from Gardening Guru Tom Wyatt how to create a garden, whether the sand of the beach garden. or in clay soil , set hard as concrete, in the dry tropics. And never forget the first commandment; Thou shalt love thy compost heap! If it's an insect and it eats your plants, spray it till it's dead! If it's a cane toad, squash it! If it's "unthrifty", put a compost bomb under it! Take no prisoners. This is a Tom Wyatt garden.

Paperback / softback  140pp  h297mm  x  w210mm  x s8mm  400g 

ISBN13: 9781921555848     ISBN13: 978-1-921555-84-8     ISBN10: 192155584X