Age range 3 to 6 How do you earn a lion diploma? By looking fierce, prowling around, roaring, and - most importantly - looking out for your friends. Will this daring student pass the test? This fun journey of character development neatly turns the conversation from the cowardice of bullies to what it means to be lionhearted, all in a delightful, subduedly comic package.' - Booklist, starred review 'Agee's sentences are short and punchy, and he carves out gouache shapes in thick, deliberate ink outlines. He sets up a ridiculous situation with a straight face, approaching it with understated humor and leonine confidence.' - Publishers Weekly, starred review 'An outstanding read-aloud and a rewarding story.' - Horn Book, starred review

ISBN: 9781912650200
Author: Agee, Jon
Publication date: 01/02/2020
Format: Hardback
Dimension: 292mm X 225mm