'My Family History' record book is an efficient and original detail attractive method of recording and displaying the result of family history research and a handy aide memoir to carry around when researching. The product is in two main parts; a ten generation record book and a two-sided ten generation pedigree chart and details of extra children, plus a system for recoding re-marriages and new partnerships.

The methodology is relatively straight-forward. Each individual in the subject's history is given a unique reference. The subject's paternal (P) and maternal (M) data is kept completely separate throughout the exercise. The subject's (S1) are stored with his or her father's (P1) on the first page in from the blue (Paternal) cover.

Using a softblack-lead pencil until the data entered is proven without doubt - when a spirit based or liquid ink fine line drawing pen should be used as an oil based biro is liable to leach through the paper.