There are so many toys,

and games we can play.

Whatever we choose,

let's do it our way.

Join Frank and Quinn on their playdate - there are no limits to which toys they can play with and which games they can choose. A fun rhyming picture book to read with children to reinforce that they can choose to be and do the things that feel most like them.

A book perfect for encouraging being proud of who you are.

From the bestselling author of The Rainbow in My Heart and You Hung the Moon, Jessica Urlichs, and the illustrator behind the 2021 Margaret Mahy Illustration Prize book, There's A King in the Cupboard, Minrui Yang.

Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  24pp  h246mm  x  w250mm  x s2mm  140g 

ISBN13: 9781869715502