Twelve Feminist Lessons of War draws on sharp insights of women as survivors, activists and scholars from Ukraine to Sudan and Myanmar to show how diverse women's experiences of war must be taken seriously if we are to prevent and shorten wars and make gender justice central to recovering from wars

Women's wars are not men's wars. Wartime shapes the gendered politics of marriage, prostitution, journalism, economics, childcare, domestic violence and rape. Enloe's razor-sharp analysis highlights how understanding this can prevent wars and even end them

With fresh, fierce and vital thinking, she shows that by paying more attention to the wounded and the women who care for them, we will be more realistic about the long 'post-war'; and that by listening to feminists on the ground, in Ukraine and elsewhere, we will better understand what is happening to our world

Cynthia is one of only 100 women named on the Gender Justice Wall in The Hague

Paperback / softback  224pp  h216mm  x  w135mm  x s16mm  225g 

ISBN13: 9781804440285