"Welcome to the library...
A room packed with stories from ceiling to floor,
Shelves of adventures for you to explore.
But each book has two stories -- the tale the words tell,
And the tale of the journey it's been on as well."

This is the story of one incredible library book and all the children who've borrowed it. It's been hugged, lost, torn, chewed by a dog and soaked in the rain. It's been read in apartments and in tents, in the park and in the classroom; by children in costumes and pajamas, reading alone or with their friends, their siblings and their parents.

Each time it returns to the library it's a little more worn, but a lot more loved. For every rip, scribble or stain there's a child who has found adventure or escape, comfort or excitement in its pages. That's the magic of a library book!
This fun, rhyming text from Caroline Crowe celebrates a love of books and libraries, the joy of discovering a new favourite read, and of sharing it with others. New York Times-bestseller John Joseph's bright and joyful illustrations bring a diverse cast of children to life with humour and enthusiasm.