Kate is an odd duck - literally. When the full moon arrives, the rest of her family turns into wolves, but she is a happy wereduck. Relatively happy, that is.

Her family has been uprooted from their cozy backwoods cabin to a placid farming community thanks to a fellow werewolf, Marcus, selling them out to sleazy tabloid journalist Dirk Bragg.

When Kate discovers her great-great-grandmother's recipe 'A Cure for Werewolf,' she can't help but wonder - is it really possible? Could she one day resist the call of the moon? Could she be free from the constant threat of exposure?

When Marcus's werewolf son, John, books a desperate train journey at the full moon, the ancient recipe and its arcane ingredients are put to the test. Will Dirk Bragg finally corner Kate and John in their were-forms and expose them to the world, or will Cure for Werewolf keep them safe?

ISBN: 9781771084451
Author: Atkinson, Dave
Illustrator: Line drawings, black and white
Publication date: 01/03/2020
Format: Paperback
Dimension: 191mm X 127mm