All hail the greatest meal on the planet!

Hamburger Gourmet is here to ensure you never eat a bland burger again. It's time to take your burger cooking to towering new heights, inspired bythe team behind Blend hamburger, the cult restaurant creating hamburger greatness.

Begin with the building blocks of an excellently simple beef burger, with the best bun and fries you've ever had. Then up your game with burgers made of everything from chicken to quinoa. With separate instructions on choice of buns, sauces and accompaniments, these 58 recipes will give even the biggest burger-lover new ideas for surprising twists on old favourites. All delivered in a cute gift format with die-cut front cover, Hamburger Gourmet is the must-have gift for any burger lover.

Hardback  160pp  h185mm  x  w145mm  378g  Misc HB 

ISBN13: 9781761500367