Do you want to ...
Make your home healthier and more comfortable in all seasons?
Shrink your home's total energy costs?
Make your gas bill disappear completely?
Reduce your climate and environmental impacts?
Make the change to renewable energy by going 'all electric'?

My Efficient Electric Home Handbook is an essential first-of-its kind resource for homeowners and renters. It provides tips and strategies on how to convert your home into an efficient, healthy and comfortable space suitable for our all-electric future. Sharing insights from working with thousands of Australians in their homes, as well as from hands-on experience modifying his own home, Tim Forcey explains best-practice heating and cooling, hot water heat pumps, induction cooktops, draught-proofing, insulation, solar energy and much more.

Paperback / softback  224pp  h208mm  x  w138mm  244g  B+ format 

ISBN13: 9781761500336