On her twin daughters' twenty-first birthday, Joy Moody - proprietor of Bonbeach's premier laundromat - is found dead. Yet that is not the strangest thing happening behind the bright pink facade of Joyful Suds. For much of their lives, Joy has been telling Cassie and Andie one big, fat lie- that they are from the future, and that when they turn twenty-one they will travel back to the year 2050. What started as a colourful tale to explain how the girls came to live with her has now become a decade-long deception. Worse still, Joy has started to believe it herself. The lie is certainly preferable to the truth she can't face - about what happened to the girls' real mother, and how far Joy's gone to keep them 'safe' . . . With the twins' twenty-first birthday fast approaching, and with Andie starting to have doubts, time is fast running out for Joy Moody. In more ways than one.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  352pp  h233mm  x  w154mm  x s26mm  440g 

ISBN13: 9781761343285