Free yourself from crappy cliches telling you how to live your life. Forget what you should do. This is what NAT to do. Some advice suits certain people more than others. Some advice is . . . redundant waffle. And Nat's What I Reckon refuses to let it slide! Ya see, Nat's got a loud mouth and a taste for taking the piss out of stuff - it's how he lives, laughs and loves. Now, his target's the tired old life advice he's had enough of- Man up. Good vibes only. No pain no gain. Carpe diem. What a punish! Nat has zero qualifications as a philosopher or life coach, and he doesn't feel like becoming either one anytime soon. But as someone who has struggled to find the ray of positivity in most days of his life, he knows what it's like to feel the relief from a moment of joy. So buckle up for Nat's unrequested take on pushing back against expectations and rolling through life with some laughs and kindness like a real, righteous ratbag!