'This is a book about love. A mother's love of her daughters. A crusader's love of truth and justice. A champion's love of the community she serves. Love explains why Chrissie is still standing and it is a privilege to read her story and learn from her example.' - The Hon Julia Gillard AC. There are few more moving experiences than for the silenced to be heard. Chrissie Foster is the mother who brought the rich and powerful Catholic Church to its knees over its global abuse of children, including two of her daughters, Emma and Katie. Like the Boston Globe's Spotlight team, she built an undeniable case in her first book, Hell on the Way to Heaven, which helped inspire Australian governments to hold world-leading inquiries. This is what happened next. Grieving the death of Emma and the catastrophic accident that left Katie largely using a wheelchair and unable to care for herself, and bullied by the Catholic Church, Chrissie Foster somehow found the strength to win and bring about changes in child safety that she hopes will last forever. From the cities and towns of Australia all the way to Rome, her tenacity and bravery to see justice delivered are unequalled. In this confronting account she explains the incredible battle she fought together with her husband, Anthony, and how she found the strength to continue even after his tragic and untimely death. Her ongoing activism inspires others to challenge once-powerful male-dominated institutions. In the face of horrifying adversity, Chrissie Foster has come through it to a place of peace.