Who is Iris Webber? A thief, a fighter, a wife, a lover. A scammer, a schemer, a friend. A musician, a worker, a big-hearted fool. A woman who has prevailed against the toughest gangsters of the day, defying police time and again, yet is now trapped in a prison cell. Guilty or innocent? Rollicking through the underbelly of 1930s sly-grog Sydney, Iris is a dazzling literary achievement from one of Australia's finest writers. Based on actual events and set in an era of cataclysmic change, here is a fierce, fascinating tale of a woman who couldn't be held back.

Praise for Iris 'The story of Iris had to be told, and Fiona Kelly McGregor had produced the roughest but most invaluable diamond.' - Tony Birch 'There's a magical conjuring up here, a dream-building of people, place and things. Iris is to me not just a great urban novel, but maybe the best Australian city novel ever.' - Peter Doyle.