Where do pampered pooches go to raise the woof, unleash their full pawtential and have a barking good time with their friends? DOGS IN TOWN, of course. And now we can all share in the joy of their furry fiesta! Dogs in Town: Pawty Time! is packed with houndreds of playful pups enjoying all the experiences that their happy place has to offer:

playtime in the pawty house

grooming and zooming

birthday pawty dress-ups and tasty treats

tails-up, tongues-out doggy field trips

wooftastic celebrations for Halloween, Pride Month, Valentine's Day and more!

And because Dogs in Town is a one-stop shop for everything that a fur family needs, you'll also ?nd barketloads of infurmation on how to keep your howlin' homie safe and healthy.

Settle back with Dogs in Town: Pawty Time! and discover what your pawpal already knows: happy dogs = happy days!

Paperback / softback  192pp  h210mm  x  w135mm  368g  Misc PB 

ISBN13: 9781760688400