Ruth - Kiki, Bubbie, the Notorious R.B.G - has spent her life battling the whims of the patriarchy. Five feet tall with a lofty career of dissents on gender discrimination cases in America, the second woman in history appointed to the US Supreme Court takes the stand in this fiery one-woman portrait piece by Olivier Award-winning playwright Suzie Miller (Prima Facie). RBG: Of Many, One soars through the career of the Supreme Court Justice who sent tremors through the American, and global, legal system on women's rights. Of many, one speaks. 'A supreme achievement.' - ArtsHub '[Miller] ingeniously sculpts visions of Ginsburg that flit between times in her life with ultimate fluidity, while connecting dots in her story much as lines are drawn between stars in the sky...' - John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald 'The depth of analysis and emotion in this writing brings new insights into the human being behind the legend.' - The Saturday Paper 'Beautifully crafted ... this play will long be one that [Miller] will be remembered for.' - The Conversation 'If you can get a ticket, please run. I doubt you will see a better piece of theatre this year ... or maybe even this decade.' - Theatre Travels

Paperback / softback  78pp  h210mm  x  w137mm  x s4mm 

ISBN13: 9781760628680