On a sweltering day, 26 January, 1788, on a bluff high above Sydney Cove, seven Aboriginal men stand looking out to sea. Moored off-shore is a huge nowee (boat) ... then there are two, then more. Who are these visitors? Where are they from? What do they want? Should they be turned away-by force-or welcomed to country? In the playscript The Visitors, Muruwari playwright Jane Harrison (Stolen, Rainbow's End) reimagines the arrival of the First Fleet from a First Nations' perspective. These senior men, carrying the weight of cultural responsibility in their very human hearts, must decide what action they'll take toward these unwanted arrivals. A decision, under pressure, that will have repercussions-unforeseeably and forever. Told with wit, charm, and a fierce intelligence, Harrison's playscript upends the dominant point of view of this pivotal event. Annotated and with an introduction by Wesley Enoch. 'I do not doubt that The Visitors will take its place alongside Stolen as a touchstone of Australian theatre, and as an essential part of the continuing struggle to make sense of colonisation and multigenerational trauma.'-Harriet Cunningham, Sydney Morning Herald

Paperback / softback  80pp  h210mm  x  w137mm  x s4mm 

ISBN13: 9781760626761