"Nerra, you are the next Deep Time Traveller, as your great-grandmother was before you."

When Nerra's great-grandmother passes away, she leaves a box of artefacts to Nerra. Nerra is drawn to the clapsticks which glow red hot, and when she picks them up, she is transported back in time. Dreaming is out of balance and a hero needs to help. Bineal and Pirnbial, husband and wife of the rainbow, have been split apart and captured by the evil Devour'ena.

With the help of the Keeper of Clean Sand and Clear Water and the cleverman, Bobbinary, can Nerra reunite the rainbow and bring Dreaming back into balance?

Paperback / softback  160pp 

ISBN13: 9781760264567     ISBN13: 978-1-76026-456-7     ISBN10: 1760264563