Here's an exercise: take a piece of paper. Grab a pen, pencil, crayon - any drawing utensil within reach. Now, draw a typical family.

The shape of family has changed in the 21st century. While the nuclear family still exists, many more types of kinship surround us.

Kin is an investigation into what influences us to have children and the new ways that have made parenthood possible. It delves into the experiences of couples without children, single parents by choice and rainbow families, and investigates the impacts of adoption, sperm donation, IVF and surrogacy, and the potential for a future of designer babies. Assisted reproductive technology has developed quickly, and the ways in which we think and speak about its implications - both legally and ethically - need to catch up.

Written by journalist Marina Kamenev, Kin: Family in the 21st century is an incisive and powerful look at how families are created today, and how they might be created in the future.

Paperback / softback  448pp  h210mm  x  w135mm 

ISBN13: 9781742237428