Upgrade Your Upcycling Game! Discover a trove of upcycling ideas and inspiration, with this collection of projects from upcycling influencer Emma Foss. She shares detailed, step-by-step tutorials to teach you essential upcycling techniques so you can create something out of nothing. Through these creative projects, you'll develop skills in basic woodworking, reupholstery, painting, papier-mache and so much more. Best of all, these projects use materials you're likely to already have lying around the house or can be found cheaply at thrift stores! This astounding collection of projects is perfect for any DIY enthusiast, or anyone with a knack for using the materials they have to make something unique and memorable. Turn thrift-store jeans into a unique painted masterpiece, transform a paint palette into a functional clock or even hand-make your own recycled paper. It's up to you! Embrace your creative side as you beautify your space with these one-of-a-kind projects. As you work through each one, you'll learn the upcycling skills you need to make anything you want, out of anything you can find.

Paperback / softback  144pp  h228mm  x  w196mm  x s13mm  356g 

ISBN13: 9781645677857