Discover the beauty and wonder of trees in this stunningly illustrated collection of poetry and stories celebrating trees and what they mean to the world around us... Inspired by the poem by Ted Hughes which gives this book its title, by the woods around his home, and by the mighty forests that support our life on Earth, this book is a celebration, and Michael's love letter to trees.

There are stories from an ancient olive remembering Odysseus and Penelope, and from a eucalyptus that gave shelter to a koala; from a piece of driftwood that was made into a chair, and from a tiny sapling carried by a refugee as a reminder of home - these are poems and stories that will amuse, move and energise families and readers of all ages to appreciate the beauty and wonder of trees. Yuval Zommer's beautiful, detailed illustrations bring the natural world to life, and make My Heart was a Tree a book to pore over for hours and hours, discovering something new each time.

Hardback 96pp  h305mm  x  w243mm  x s20mm  830g 

ISBN13: 9781529094794