An inspiring, empowering, fantastically feminist and totally true story, perfect for fans of LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG DREAMS and GOODNIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS! Meet the remarkable Ada Lovelace: rebellious rule-breaker and maths whizz-kid. Growing up in the shadow of her eccentric superstar father, the poet Lord Byron, and under the eye of her strict mother, Ada spends her time inventing and designing flying machines and studying her favourite subject - maths. In Ada's time, girls aren't encouraged to pursue maths, physics or engineering as they're considered not clever enough but Ada doesn't let this stop her. Once she grows up, Ada meets the famous inventor and engineer Charles Babbage, who introduces her to a truly extraordinary machine ... one that will test Ada's powers of logic and imagination, and establish her as the world'd very first computer programmer! This is the absolutely astonishing, fantastically feminist and, best of all, totally true story of one amazingly determined young lady!

ISBN: 9781526361035
Author: Doherty, Anna
Publication date: 06/08/2019
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32
Dimension: 266mm X 220mm