Plants and plant-derived products make up the bulk of what we eat and drink every day, and people often wonder where their favourite food or drink comes from. This scientifically accurate photographic guide provides quick and informative answers. Food Plants of the World is a comprehensive overview of the plants that provide us with food, beverages, spices and flavours. It is written in easy to understand language but gives accurate scientific information on the plants and their uses. This expanded and revised edition of the book includes: Descriptions of more than 400 food and flavour plants and their close relatives, including origin, history, cultivation, harvesting, properties and culinary uses. More than 1000 full-colour photographs, showing the plants, flowers and plant parts that are used. Introductory chapters on cereals, pulses (legumes), nuts and seeds, fruits, vegetables, culinary herbs, sugar plants, beverages, spices and flavourings. Interesting facts about the historical and contemporary uses of the various plant-derived products. A checklist of more than 800 of the most important and well-known food plants of the world.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  520pp  h240mm  x  w165mm  x s40mm  HARDBACK 

ISBN13: 9781486311668