Ancient spiritual practices meet modern digital art in this kaleidoscopic book cover featuring the work of Android Jones. His art asks the viewer to focus on the potential for awakening, the power of the ancient third eye and the early reverberations of the time that lies before us.With colours at once psychedelic and hyper-modern, and imagery that combines Eastern iconography and a cutting-edge science fiction aesthetic, Jones is an artist who draws on old traditions and those yet to be born. Jones calls himself a digital painter and is renowned for his multidimensional, spiritually driven art and performances and the expanded states of consciousness they evoke. Whether one fancies him a shaman of pop art or a practitioner of electro-mineralism, at the centre of his art is a sense of untapped potential and limitless imagination.With this sketchbook, we invite to you to push the boundaries of perception and awaken to the possibilities of your own third eye.


Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  112pp  h300mm  x  w205mm  x s22mm 

ISBN13: 9781439796184