Reproducing an original work by designer Pierre Legrain (1889-1929), this cover brings a sense of movement to the heavy geometric elements of its Art Deco influence.Legrain was a key figure in early 20th-century French bookbinding. After leaving the French Army in 1916, Legrain became recognized for his eye for design and was commissioned by Jacques Doucet, a French bibliophile and collector, to create unique bindings for Doucet's impressive library. Adopting an attitude of experimentation, Doucet encouraged Legrain to be "freely inspired by contem<\h>porary artists' vibrantly coloured mosaics, bold play with geometric forms and straight-lined bands."

Paperback / softback  Flexible plastic/vinyl cover  (Text (eye-readable))  176pp  h180mm  x  w130mm 

ISBN13: 9781439782224