Reproducing an original work by designer Pierre Legrain (1889-1929), this cover brings a sense of movement to the heavy geometric elements of its Art Deco influence. Legrain was a key figure in early 20th-century French bookbinding. After leaving the French Army in 1916, Legrain became recognized for his eye for design and was commissioned by Jacques Doucet, a French bibliophile and collector, to create unique bindings for Doucet's impressive library. Adopting an attitude of experimentation, Doucet encouraged Legrain to be "freely inspired by contemporary artists' vibrantly coloured mosaics, bold play with geometric forms and straight-lined bands."

Paperback / softback  Flexible plastic/vinyl cover  (Text (eye-readable))  176pp  h180mm  x  w130mm 

ISBN13: 9781439782217