Rodent Patrol and the Plague is a 22 page in-depth look at the plague in Brisbane in the early 1900s for independent readers of 7-9 years who want more information and text, younger readers on a higher level or older readers on a lower level. Health officers were struggling to find out the cause and contain the plague, as well as convince the townspeople to clean up their act. Reading between the facts gives an impression of what life must have been like. This should initiate conversation about change; not just that things are done differently now, but how and why, and what that tells us about the people of the day and their thinking. There is an update featuring the Brisbane City Council’s Pest Management team and a fascinating bio of both fox terriers. The book also includes a glossary and ACARA history links. Author Sandra Watkins.

ISBN: 9780994405210
Author: Watkins, Sandra
Format: Paperback
Pages: 22
Dimension: 210mm X 150mm