When Caylie and David Jeffery renovated the worst house on the busiest terrace in Milton, they had no idea what treasures they would find secreted inside. The intriguing discovery of 1950's money and bank books hidden under 60 years of old lino had Caylie turning to social media for help....Who were Arthur and Eleanor Webster? Why were they hiding so much money? Who was Muriel White? Why was her bank book hidden in Milton when the address in the back said, 'Bristol St, West End'. A curious online community of amateur sleuths began a relentless quest for answers. As more clues were revealed, the ghosts of Old Brisbane started to rise from the depths of people's memories. The trail of evidence leading from that dilapidated Queenslander revealed many secret stories.....fraud, missing gravestones, theft, brothels, and murder.

ISBN: 9780992432218
Author: Jeffery, Caylie
Format: Paperback
Pages: 400