The complete graphic novel!

A fun, musical adventure comedy – a kind of a cross between the old-style charm of Victorian fairy tales and the music scene of the 1990s – think Enid Blyton meets Josie and the Pussycats… meets MAD magazine.

Penni becomes lost in the thick woods and follows the faint sound of music to a brightly-lit hollow tree stump where four fairies playing tiny homemade instruments are rehearsing.  After getting over the shock of seeing each other, Penni agrees to lend a portable CD player so they can use it as an amp to compete in the Pixietown’s Battle of the Bands where every type of Gnome, Elf, Pixie, forrest rodent and bug compete for the big prize.

Originally serialised in Total Girl Magazine in the early 2000s, this is the first time the two complete stories have been collected in one volume. Large size, 110 full-colour page deluxe hardcover with seperate dust jacket art and a sewn in book mark. Features new cover artwork by writer/illustrator Dillon Naylor and endpaper art by second story illustrator Ian C. Thomas.