A Cracking Compendium of Book Blurbs, Writing Tips, Literary Folklore and Publishing Secrets

A joyful celebration of books - the perfect gift for bibliophiles, word lovers and anyone who's ever wondered, should you judge a book by its cover? We love the words in books - but what about the words on them? How do they work their magic? Here is a book about the ways books entice us to read them: their titles, quotes, covers and, above all, blurbs - via authors from Jane Austen to Zadie Smith, writing tricks, classic literature, bonkbusters, plot spoilers and publishing secrets. It's nothing less than the inside story of the outside of books. And it answers questions like: Why do some authors hate blurbs so much they burn their own books? Should all adjectives be murdered? Is blurbing sometimes maybe lying? Is it true that (checks jacket) you need an animal on a book's cover to make it a bestseller? What are the most terrible blurbs of all time? Join Penguin publishing word wizard Louise Willder - five thousand blurbs written, mostly avoiding the phrase 'unputdownable tour-de-force' - to discover why we should judge a book by its cover. Even this one. (It's an unputdownable tour-de-force.)


Paperback / softback  B-format paperback  352pp  h198mm  x  w129mm  x s26mm 

ISBN13: 9780861546169