Includes a bonus poster of Theodore Gray's PERIODIC TABLE OF TOOLS!
Tools is arguably Theodore Gray's most personal book yet. Hand tools and power tools have been a central part of his life for as long as he can remember. Using them, collecting them, and appreciating them is as much a part of his DNA as his passion for the periodic table.
This book is the story of those tools, from Gray's personal favourites that have stuck with him through to years, to new and exciting antiques and modern inventions that he's discovered along the way. Organized into 118 categories, (and cleverly arranged into a periodic table of tools where each tool in a column shares properties and builds from lightest to heaviest) each tool is featured in a great big beautiful photograph on the left-hand side of the spread.
On the right side of the page, Theo regales us with history and personal stories and shows us multiple variations on the theme. Tools is an unprecedented collection featuring 500 stunning examples of the world's most wonderful workshop implements. It's the must-have book for every tool lover.

Hardback 256pp  h266mm  x  w266mm  x s26mm  1460g  400 Full-color photographs throughout 

ISBN13: 9780762498307