Description: Celebrate the beauty of mushrooms with this fully-illustrated 500-piece puzzle and booklet set, featuring colorful illustrations of several North American varieties.

A 500-piece puzzle, printed in full color on high-quality stock.

Puzzle dimensions: This puzzle measures approximately 16 x 20 inches when finished.

Fully illustrated package: This puzzle, deluxe box, and booklet feature original illustrations of notable mushrooms. 

Book included: Learn the characteristics of a selection of particularly common or interesting mushroom varieties, as well as tips for finding them, in the enclosed 32-page paperback book (5 x 6 inches), featuring full-color artwork throughout.

Perfect gift: A unique gift for mushroom and nature lovers of all ages.

Mixed media product 32pp  h184mm  x  w228mm  x s52mm  500g  Contains 1 Paperback / softback and 1 Toy 

ISBN13: 9780762481392     ISBN13: 978-0-7624-8139-2     ISBN10: 0762481390     EAN: 9780762481392