With Creative Endurance learn how to reframe the obstacles of everyday life and work into exciting creative opportunities.

Are you experiencing creative burnout? Using the effective strategies for creative endurance developed by Creative Director of Fast Company and accomplished marathon runner Mike Schnaidt, you can remain imaginative and inventive through any tough situation, throughout your life and career.
Featuring inspiring stories from designers, astronauts, illustrators, ultramarathoners, chefs, photographers, and an Olympic Gold medalist, Creative Endurance provides a unique combination of practical advice, in the form of 56 "rules," alongside inspiring examples to help you overcome creative obstacles and thrive.
Learn from graphic designer Sagi Haviv, the creator of the US Open logo, as he shares his experience of generating over 6,000 sketches for the iconic design.
Join photographer Peter Yang behind the scenes of his most memorable celebrity shoots, including with Barack Obama.
Hear from astronaut Jeanette Epps, who went from a Ford Motor Company employee to a member of NASA's space crew.
Get tips from celebrated cookbook author Molly Baz on crafting compelling recipes.
Discover the mental preparation strategies of Olympic Gold medalist Billy Demong.
Learn expert tactics and advice for maintaining focus and motivation in your career from endurance racing legend Hurley Haywood.
With lush illustrations across four sections of increasing time increments (Your Day, Your Project, Your Job, and Your Life), Creative Endurance will guide you through the daily grind of work to the big-picture goals of your life. Learn how to overcome obstacles in your daily routine, develop focus and imagination, and establish a sustainable practice. Refine your creative process, pitch ideas to clients, and handle negative feedback and massive projects. Discover practical tactics for hiring, budgeting, and navigating career challenges, along with advice on finding your creative voice and making a lasting impact in your industry.
Each chapter concludes with an interactive and inspiring spread of suggested activities.
Creative Endurance is the ultimate guide to achieving your goals and thriving in your creative career without sacrificing your well-being.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  160pp  h235mm  x  w191mm  499g  100 color illustrations 

ISBN13: 9780760384824