Do you know your dormice from your dodo birds? Exactly how tall is the Caterpillar? What does the liquid in the bottle labelled 'Drink Me' taste of?

Tumble down the rabbit hole and put your knowledge to the test with 52 trivia and game cards, each one featuring a multiple-choice trivia question, charade, game or challenge about the people and places of Lewis Carroll's beloved classics.

 Illustrated with John Tenniel's exquisite drawings of characters and scenes, the cards double as a game of Snap, Memory, Quartets or Swap, making this fun for all the family. 

Presented in a foiled gift box and with a booklet that contains the rules of play to four traditional card games, this is the perfect gift for literature lovers.

Cards  h132mm  x  w92mm  x s28mm  169g 

ISBN13: 9780753735428     ISBN13: 978-0-7537-3542-8     ISBN10: 0753735423     EAN: 9780753735428