Do you know your Dashwoods from your Darcys? Why was Northanger Abbey such a disappointment to Catherine? Jane had an aunt whose name is also a type of cheese...but what is it?

Regale with all things Regency and put your knowledge to the test with 52 trivia and game cards, each one featuring a multiple-choice trivia question, charade, game or challenge about Jane Austen and her beloved classics.

Illustrated with Hugh Thomson's exquisite drawings of characters and scenes, the cards double as a game of Snap, Memory, Quartets or Swap, making this fun for all the family.

Presented in a foiled gift box and with a booklet that contains the rules of play to four traditional card games, this is the perfect gift for literature lovers.

Cards  h132mm  x  w92mm  x s28mm  160g 

ISBN13: 9780753735398     ISBN13: 978-0-7537-3539-8     ISBN10: 0753735393     EAN: 9780753735398