Discover the secrets behind some of the natural world's most unusual creatures of camouflage and mimicry. Find out about the chameleon who changes colour to communicate with its friends, the burrowing owl who copies the sound of a fiercer animal to protect itself from threats, and the harlequin filefish that has come to smell like coral to blend in with its surroundings.

You'll be amazed by how these clever creatures use disguise and imitation to find food, send out warning signals and, most of all, avoid predators!

Author Biography: Sami Bayly is a natural history illustrator based in Newcastle, NSW, who loves all things weird and wonderful. She finds the beauty and importance of all animals regardless of their appearance, and hopes to share her appreciation with others.

Hardback  32pp  h256mm  x  w253mm  300g 

ISBN13: 9780734421371     ISBN13: 978-0-7344-2137-1     ISBN10: 0734421370     EAN: 9780734421371