Sometimes the whole truth is the death of everything.

Caroline Laner Breure was on holiday in Spain with her boyfriend when her skull was crushed.


A year later, following starless months in a coma and painful rehabilitation, Caroline returned to her beachside apartment in Sydney, only to find that her home was not her home, her lover was not her lover and her friends were not her friends. Everyone and everything she'd loved had vanished.


Physically broken and no longer able to trust her own mind, she painstakingly searched for clues to explain the cruel disparity between her past and present.


This is the true story of how Caroline solved her own mystery and reclaimed her life.


A jagged and luminous survivor's account and a defiant celebration of imperfection, Broken Girl is a powerful and poetic work of staggering loss and betrayal, fierce beauty, dark humour, love and rage.

Hardback  368pp  h216mm  x  w159mm  x s35mm  530g  Hardback 

ISBN13: 9780733650611