Australia's favourite science guru returns with a new haul of extraordinary stories from our incredible Universe - includes pop-up Dr Karl holograms! Dr Karl is surfing the Universe for all that's gnarly, awesome, weird and wonderful.Why is sharpening a pencil in space a risky business?What makes a sunset red and not blue?How far would the Earth's viruses reach if you laid them end to end?Which animal grows an anus every time it needs to poo?Find out how spiders can fly and count, whether 5G networks are safe, why we're running out of sand, and the answer to the Question on Everyone's Lips - how to make the best coffee.Plus loads more, including pop-up Karl holograms!So take a surfing safari with Dr Karl and get ready to Hang Ten - or wipe out.

ISBN: 9780733340338
Author: Kruszelnicki,Karl
Publication date: 29/10/2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192