Just when you thought your favourite cocktail couldn't be more camp! Dragtails presents 50 delicious cocktail recipes inspired by drag superstars, past and present.

With a foreword by drag legend and Drag Race superstar Raja Gemini, Dragtails will add a spring to your step, a bounce to your weave and a shimmer to your lip gloss.

Each Dragtail is brought to life with an inventive illustration that echoes the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent of the particular queen that inspired it. Along with ingredients and methods, an ode to the artist explains the inspiration for the drink.
You'll die for a:
Baltimore Mud Pie - a thick, velvety, naughty creation dripping with chocolate sauce inspired by the filthiest woman ever, Divine
Sponge Queen - a yellow and green layered cocktail inspired by one of Monet X Change's most memorable looks, the sponge dress
PB and Slay - a candy-sweet concoction inspired by the Willy Wonka for a whole generation of drag queens, RuPaul
Drunk in Love - a divalicious drink inspired by Cara Melle that is sweet, salty and sticky if you're nasty!
Absolutely Alien - a fabulous twist on a classic Gin and Lemonade that is as blue and pink as Juno Birch

Hardback  128pp  h201mm  x  w151mm  210g  50 color photos 

ISBN13: 9780711284494